Born in the active living capital of the world, Australia, Keri Kitay and Scott Henderson founded ALL I SEA Performance Sportswear to empower people of all abilities to live an active life.  


We first combined forces 3 years ago over a mutual passion for authentic health and fitness promotion and with a greater purpose of enabling a population of active people. Forming a health and fitness PR & Marketing agency, allowed us to explore and develop our understanding and respect for the industry by working with incredible brands and professionals.

We train every day. If we’re not at the gym, we’re swimming in the ocean. If we’re not in the waves, we’re running along the coast. Basically, we can’t stop moving! Our love of human movement and exercise has been central to everything we’ve done as a team and towards our future dreams!

Living this mutli-sport lifestyle requires apparel that can keep up with us, our demands, and our style of training. We didn’t want to be limited in what we could achieve in our workouts, and so the idea of an activewear and swimwear hybrid was born. With our new performance sportswear idea in our heads and at the forefront of everything we did and thought about, we spent the next 12 months in product research and development, engineering the ideal range for our lifestyle.

As a team, we will always innovate and continue to pioneer the sportswear category, pushing the boundaries of performance and design. Our focus and mission will always remain to empower people of all abilities to lead an active life. In our minds, we are all athletes, and we want to support any form of movement.