All I Sea: active swimwear on strong, beautiful bodies

Original Article: THERIGHT.FIT


Bondi’s Icebergs pool was drained and transformed into a parallel universe where swimwear and fitness-wear work in beautiful harmony.

All I Sea is an active swimwear label for men and women founded by Keri Kitay, Scott Henderson and Australia’s golden girl Leisel Jones.

For anyone who loves working out at the beach, then jumping in the ocean for a swim, you now don’t have to worry about a change of clothes because this swimwear is a stylish and functional combination of activewear and swim.

All I Sea came to us to help them cast for their lookbook. With a world-class swimming legend as one of our critics, we are so pleased we could deliver.

“We only get top quality when we work with the best of the best.” Leisel Jones

The results from our collaboration are unreal.

Scott Henderson